What is Data Mining?

Data Mining is a series of processes to explore added value in the form of manually unknown information from a database by calculating patterns of data with the aim of manipulating data into more valuable information obtained by extracting and recognizing important or interesting patterns from data contained in the database.

Data mining is also known as Knowledge discovery (mining) in databases (KDD), knowledge extraction Data analysis / patterns and business intelligence and is an important tool for manipulating data to present information according to user needs with the aim to assisting in the analysis of behavioral observation collection, in general the definition of data-mining can be interpreted as follows:
– The process of finding patterns from large amounts of data stored.
– Extraction of useful information (non-trivial, implicit, but not yet known potential usefulness) patterns or knowledge of data stored in large quantities.
– Exploration of automatic or semi-automatic analysis of large amounts of data to find meaningful patterns and rules.

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