Quality Software is …

As we know, now that the software has developed rapidly, almost all lines of life currently use software, ranging from industry to households. Because of the increasingly complex software and the high expectations of customers, the quality of software began to be noticed. Software quality seems to have become an important part of software development.

Now, what is meant by quality software? When I ask friends, 99% will answer, quality software is software that is free from defects, free of bugs, free from hangs. But actually quality software is not like that. Based on the explanation from my post about “What is Software Engineering”, there is stated that the purpose of making software is to create software that can meet the needs or software that can fulfill the wishes or expectations of the client. So quality software is software that can meet the needs, desires or expectations of clients. Even now there is an international standard for evaluating software quality, namely ISO 25000.

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